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the coaches showed while they may be just 15 months apart in age, there is a world of difference between them. mark ibanez is live in new orleans tonight. >> reporter: they did a good job of sharing the stage just like i'm sure when they were kids they shared their toys. let me tell you first, this town is really heating up. what's usually like 6 or 7 minute cab ride takes you 45 minutes right now. it is impossible almost to drive into the french quarter. the sirens are going off. people are getting loud. it is heating up. we'll have more on that in a moment. traditionally it's the commissioner who takes center stage on the friday before the super bowl. but with the unique situation, two brothers coaching against each other they decided the commissioner is not exactly the most popular guy in this town. why not have the two brothers take center stage. that they did. as for the coach, jim harbaugh
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of the 49ers, he had that little start of an idea to be a coach back when he was an nfl quarterback and aside from his parents, let's have a look at a man who was a big influence in his life. he talked about him today. by now we're all familiar with the jim harbaugh sideline theatrics. they happen most every sunday. but there was a time when the tables were turned. remember when harbaugh quarterbacked the chicago bears very early in his career he had one of the toughest mentors imaginable, his head coach iron mike ditka and jim harbaugh has been on the receiving end of his rage. he talked this morning. >> a lot of great years. a lot of great games. high highs. doesn't get any better than this kind of feeling. and yeah, some life's big disappointments.
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there's a couple in there that are top five in my life. that's football. what did it mean to me the shape of the rest of my life with the chicago bears organization and the people i met there and what it did for me, enormous. >> it was good except that you don't audible when you're not supposed to audible. i would never back off of that. i really don't -- never worried too much about what people thought about me. my job was to coach. his job is to coach now. i did it the way i had to do it. was i right all the time? nope. was i wrong all the time? nope. ups and downs. but i felt that i had to get the point across on what was important to me. there's no reason audible don't audible. >> shouldn't have thrown the interception. that was still kicking myself for that. >> reporter: it's funny how those things stick with you. he's had lots of big moments as
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a coach and ditka takes a little credit for that too. the influence of his father jack as a coach had a lot to do with his current success. we'll hear from the mom and what he thought of his mom and how he was influence sod strongly by the female side of the family in the 6:00 hour. in the meantime from just outside the superdome, we've got you covered. we'll get back to the bay area and hear from a lot more with regard to what's going on here on a wild friday night in new orleans. back to you. >> a wild friday night it is. the bets are in. the mayors from san francisco and baltimore have placed friendly wages on the outcome of sunday's super bowl between the niners and ravens. the mayors announced their bet today. they are betting a day of service with americore in the winning team city and dungeness
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crab or blue crab. if and when the niners win, they'll be kaepernicking. if the ravens win, they'll have to perform ray lewis' signature pregame sentence. senators are betting crab, bread, cheese, cookies, beer and wine. the city librarians are getting in on the betting. if the ravens win the san francisco city librarian will have to recite the raven while wearing a ravens jersey. if the 49ers win, baltimore's library ceo must read george sterling's the cool, grey city of love while wearing a 49ers jersey. >> nowhere is kaepernick fever running higher than in colin
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kaepernick's hometown of turlock. >> reporter: natalie rounded students up. >> make your way to the amphitheater to take your picture. >> reporter: hundreds of students draped in 49ers gear didn't disappoint for the most famous grad, colin kaepernick. >> it's just the whole it hometown, kaepernick connection. >> this is colin. this is signing day. this is anthony hardy and anthony and him are good buds. >> reporter: anthony can either be found working as a teacher or at his business in town. >> one person has changed the town and changed the community. it's surreal. >> reporter: harding says good things happen to good people. he's known kaepernick since hep was 8 when they played against each other. they played together in high school. he's not the only one. >> my dad coached him in football. >> it's a great day for turlock. >> he went to our school.
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we're just sporting him. >> those are bible verses on his arm. >> reporter: all of that is remembered in the yearbook. until sunday game time. >> coming up at 5:30, we'll go back to new orleans live. that's where ken wayne is on bourbon street tonight. ken tells us it is a mad house there right now. >> a mystery as to the body of a teenage girl was found. her body was discovered at alan witt park. you've gotten new information from business police about that body that was found. >> reporter: we just talked to fairfield police who are in town because of this case. they confirmed that the body found was that of a girl who was reported missing yesterday evening about 5:45. this is a park where she was found. sheps found over there in that parking area kind of near the garbage cans down there.
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police are try to figure out exactly what happened and who indeed she was. they're not confirming exactly who she was to us. we are at alan witt community park. it was about 6:45 this morning when a passer by spotted the body and reported it to police. the parking lot and park was cordoned off. police would not describe the body other than to say there were no obvious signs of trauma. this afternoon they did say her body was found naked. they add that she was light skinned and could have been anywhere between 12 and 19 years old, now it sounds like they're rounding it down to lower teens. one nearby resident told us he saw something suspicious in the park earlier in morning. >> car parked facing south. with his headlights on with a larger man standing next to his car. it just struck me funny all day. >> we've had a number of reports of missing people all throughout northern california both locally and out of the
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area. we haven't been able to identify her yet. we don't even have an age yet. >> reporter: coming up we'll have more from the police and from fairfield about who this girl could have been. and about what living near this park is like according to residents in the area. live in fairfield, john sasaki, ktvu channel 2 news. >> an oakland woman is in serious trouble after a false amber alert for a child who didn't exist. the amber alert went out at 4:30 this morning when a woman claimed her armed boyfriend ran off with her baby. the boyfriend turned himself into police to clear his name and to prevent a dangerous situation from becoming worse. investigators found out there was no child. >> accusations of a violent, armed person, child abduction, amber alert are very serious. it's dangerous for him and it's dangerous for our community.
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it's dangerous for law enforcement. >> according to family members, and neighbors, there was some type of domestic argument. she could face serious charges including filing a false police report. >> one of the most wanted men in the south bay is behind bars tonight. matt keller live in san jose where one neighbor described the take down as something out of a reality tv show. >> reporter: police say people should be relieved tonight. they caught up with a man here at this apartment complex. wanted for several shootings. when the san jose police department's mobile emergency response group showed up you know it's a big deal. today they were after mitchell pope, a man wanted for two shootings and suspected in a third. jimmy saw the police action from across the street and said it reminded him of a popular television reality show. >> i watch a lot of tv.
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dog the bounty hunter. >> him surrounded in a house. broke out some windows in the house. convinced him after about 30 minutes to come out and surrender to law enforcement. >> reporter: pope was one of the worst criminals roaming free in the city and disguised himself in public. >> we don't have an official public enemy number one, but if we did, he'd be on it. >> reporter: four other people were arrested and two others at a second location in san jose. police say those arrests are not related to the shootings. for police the big catch of the day was pope. who he lewded officer for two months. >> i'll never forget this types of criminals. they're so sophisticated and violent. >> reporter: right now pope is in the santa clara county jail charged with attempted murder with more possible charges to come. >> san jose police are
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investigating a car burglary that turned into a home invasion. the men broke into a car about 1:45 this morning. two women inside a nearby house began yelling at the men. police say the suspects chased the women into their home and punched one of them repeatedly. the men chased the women down the street and assaulted them again. police say the men then burglarize the home and ran away. >> right now a lot of unanswered questions about the suspects and who they are. obviously the motive was robbery. very violent and bold suspects to chase them twice. >> one of the victims was treated for minor injuries. >> the unemployment rate ticked up in january. it came in at 7.9%, up from 7.8% in december. the country added 157,000 jobs. the labor department revised upward the jobs numbers for november and december. on wall street the closing bell marked the first time since 2007 that the dow has
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closed above 14,000. analysts say that's because the federal reserve is holding interest rates artificially low and investors have gone heavily into stocks in hopes of generating higher returns. the dow added 149 points today, putting it a little over 150 points away from its all time high of 14,164. the nasdaq was up 36 points today. the a&p was up 15 at the close. >> chevron reported a 41% increase in net income in the fourth quarter. the company says it produced more oil and gas and also improved the performance of its finery business. they posted an income of $7.2 billion with revenue of $60.6 billion. that's more than $5 billion revenue than one year ago. turkish government officials blame an outlawed group for a suicide bombing today. the explosion killed the bomber and a turkish security guard.
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no americans were hurt. the turkish government says the bomber was this man, a member of an outlawed marxist group calmed the revolutionary peoples liberation party front. the u.s. ambassador thanks the turkish people. >> your friendship, your solidarity means a lot to us at times like this. all of us feel we are among friends in a country that is safe for americans and stable. >> the white house said the u.s. will conduct its own investigation into the bombing. >> protesters masked in cairo's square in a scene almost identical to what happened two years ago during the arab spring riots. thousands of egyptians marched and chanted against the rule of president mohammed morsi. they are demanding he prevent
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the husband list brotherhood from controlling the government. >> santa clara county reports two more deaths because of the flu. we'll tell you about the victims and why it's generating a reaction in the community. >> it was another warm one today. the winds kind of going offshore for a while. you see in the san francisco flag there. the winds are going to change around. that fog return to the coast. how that fog will impact your weekend. [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals
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[ giggles ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios average have died from the flu. health officials made that announcement today and said the deaths are part of a worsening flu situation here in california. ktvu's robert handa has exclusive information about the two latest victims. >> reporter: the flu-related deaths revealed were not a complete shock to the homeless camp here. many of the people knew the
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victims and certainly knew their living conditions made them susceptible. after public health officials confirmed two homeless men who died are the latest victims of the flu, they boosted its campaign including at this clinic in san jose. >> it's sad to hear about two deaths, especially homeless people, you know. it's a shock. and i'm grateful for them to give us the flu shot. >> reporter: a 58-year-old man died on january 11th and another 58-year-old man died on january 13th. both homeless. ktvu learned the two men stayed that the homeless camp. a woman who asked we not show her face says she tried to help one of the victims. >> for two days i took care of him. he was sick in bed. i thought he died from pneumonia. >> reporter: public health officer announced the deaths today and announced they
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occurred a week from another death. the new deaths bring the state total to 14. while the flu is extremely dangerous for the most vulnerable, it should be a concern for everyone. >> the state is reporting today a all the trends are still upward. people coming into hospitals, people with influenza-like illnesses. all of these capes of reported severe cases and the death. >> reporter: homeless advocates expect it to get worse. >> when the flu hits, when a bad epidemic hits, people die because they're already compromised. >> reporter: the public health department says even in february it's still helpful and advisable to get a flu shot. robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. >> this season's flu outbreak may be waning across the country, but cases are still high in california. last week 24 states reported high levels of flu activity including california. 45 children have died of the
5:19 pm
flu since flu season started last month. there are three main flu strains that are circulating nationwide which will h3n2 being the predominant strain. >> overseeing reforms in the department. the report said the department was out of compliance on some of its tasks. >> we are planning on filing a response to his report with the courts some time in the near future. so we are concerned about some of the inaccuracies and some of the mischaracterization. >> the report cited were timely investigation, reporting misconduct and management accountability. chief jordan was particularly upset over reports officers had pointed guns at a 19-month-old child during a raid. something the chief denied had happened. a scathing new report is out on conditions at a santa clara county foster care intake center. the report is highly critical
5:20 pm
of the mediplex facility which is the first step. the center has poor security, littered with garbage and serves -- the county's family and children services director told ktvu many problems already have been corrected. >> the issues around the security cameras, those are installed now. a lot of the repairs have been done. the debris has actually is being removed. >> she's also told the staff to serve the children fresh fruit, vegetables and other nutritious foods. >> schools across the country could soon be saying good-bye to candy bars and cookies in favor of baked chips and diet sodas. the department of agriculture is proposing broad new standards to make sure all foods in schools are healthier. it would ban the sale of almost all candy, some sports drinks
5:21 pm
and greasy foods. if the new rules are passed the government would set fat, calorie, sugar and sodium limits on foods sold in schools. >> air "officials are issuing a winter sparety alert for tomorrow. you can actually see the haze will in the sky. the alert means it's illegal to use fireplaces, wood stoves, fire pits on saturday unless that's your only source of heat. officials say this that weather conditions can trap unhealthy smoke near the ground. >> i was in san francisco earlier with my kids. didn't even need a jacket. it was beautiful. fantastic. >> what a day it was. san francisco, oakland was 71 today. we're dealing with temperatures a if it was the end of march or early april. even middle of april in some cases. today we peaked though. numbers today is as warm as it gets all week. 71 in oakland. that's impressive. 72 in morgan hill. that's the warmest on this map.
5:22 pm
69 in mountain view. in santa rosa you have the 68. just south of town a little bit you'll find a 70-degree reading. hearsay how it goes. the haze in the atmosphere at sunset. we have some air quality concerns tomorrow as we get into that. what we're seeing a lot of are the high clouds coming over the top. high clouds coming in, it bends the light, refracts the light. and turns it into different colors. these high clouds are doing the beeping of the light. tonight's sunset is going to be stunning. we'll try to post one on our web page. is it going to bring rain? no. is it going to bring clouds? yes. is it going to cool us off? yes. it will drop a few degrees tomorrow. but then sunday the clouds shunt away and we begin to warm up a little more. temperatures, mid60s, low 60s.
5:23 pm
still really nice and above average for february. 65 right now in santa rosa. that is warm. 63 in napa. 60 in walnut creek. it's warm outside. you travel about t will cool off rapidly tonight. going out tonight, whatever you're doing, take a jacket. may not need it right now, but you will by the time 10:00 rolls around. overnight lows have been chilly. plenty of frost in pocketed inland bay value lips. look for frost tomorrow morning. tomorrow, a lot like today, just more clouds. done. i still have 16 seconds. that's what's going to happen. as we go into sunday, less cloud cover, more sunshine. temperatures stay about the same. your forecast highs. greens are 60s. large surf at the ocean. we'll talk more about the forecast highs for your sunday. see you back here. >> it's the friday night before the super bowl and check out bourbon street in new orleans
5:24 pm
tonight. it is crazy there. ken wayne is somewhere in the middle of all of this. we'll hear from him in just 8 minutes. >> my whole house was lit up. it was lit. >> a fire quickly spreads in oakland. the message one victim has for whoever is responsible for starting it. well, well, well.
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growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time. in my day, you were lucky if you could record two shows. and if mom was recording her dumb show and dad was recording his dumb show then, by george, that's all we watched. and we liked it! today's kids got it so good. [ male announcer ] get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for 1 year when you bundle tv and internet. rethink possible. some oakland residents are dealing with the aftermath of an early morning fire.
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their home burned and two cars caught fire. claudine wong has the video. >> reporter: he races to get his family out of his oakland apartment after seeing flames in the trees outside. he shot this video this morning. >> i told my mom to grab the baby and my grandmother. >> reporter: he wasn't the only one calling 911. so was his neighbor. >> my whole house is lit up. it was lit on fire! so i was, we're okay now. >> reporter: firefighters got the fire out quickly. but the 30-foot flames still knocked out pour and damaged at least two cars. the woman who owns this one didn't want to go on camera. we were there when she saw it for the first time. >> i just got a phone call this morning. like five minutes ago. and she told me that it looked like my car that was in the fire because she recognized the street. i just moved here. >> reporter: and this man just
5:28 pm
wasn't sure what to do when he saw the melted front bumper of his car. he needed to get to work. upset? >> yeah. >> reporter: angry? crews got on scene it took a couple of hours to replace damaged power lines and get electricity back on to about 40 residents. firefighters say the fire is suspicious and those affected by it are certainly frustrated. message for those people? >> that's not appropriate for tv. >> reporter: a fire investigator was on scene. for the people affected by the fire like the owner of this car which had its bumper melted off, today is less about the information and more about insurance. in oakland, claudine wong. >> steven chu announced she stepping down as u.s. energy secretary. in a letter to his staff he said he told president obama a few days after the election that he is eager to return to
5:29 pm
california. he outlined the agency easterl accomplishments over the last four years. chu said he'll stay on through the end of february and that he plans to teach and do research when he returns. >> we are live on bourbon street in new orleans where super bowl fever is really starting to heat up. a live report coming up. >> the first day of san francisco's nudity ban. what protesters did and how police reacted.
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oh boy just 48 hours until kickoff and bourbon street in new orleans is just what you think it would be like.
5:32 pm
a wall to wall celebration. more and more folks are arriving for the game and the parties are in full swing. ktvu's ken wayne is right in the middle of it all right there on bourbon street. >> reporter: live from the belly of the beast on bourbon street. we are surrounded by ravens fans. they won't leave me alone. i'm trying to get away from the ravens fans. thank you very much. let's go this way. and we'll see if we can find some 49er fans. sorry, frank and gasia. we're trying to get through this and all of a sudden we got mobbed by the ravens fans. think they were hoping that this is the attention they're going to get and then after the super bowl everyone is going to kind of ignore them. believe me, there are 49er fans here. we want to show you some of the
5:33 pm
things going on here. let's turn around this way and you can see up on the balcony that's where it's a new orleans tradition to drop beads down and all of that stuff. we did talk to some 49er fans a short time ago. here's what they had to say. >> we love to party and we party just as much as they do down here in new orleans. >> what you think of seeing these red jersey website. >> it's awesome that our family has traveled here. to be here for this super bowl. >> fabulous. i love it. >> what about the whole idea that you're from kaepernick's hometown? >> we're very excited. very proud of him. we just can't believe it. >> it's a surreal experience. you hear about it and then you come here and see it. it's pretty special place. >> reporter: this scene has really changed in the last 24 hours. we went through this area last night and it was nothing like
5:34 pm
it is tonight. all of a sudden super bowl fever has kicked in big time in new orleans. this place is packed. you can't even drive anywhere in downtown new orleans. we tried to drive here. it took about a half hour to get here just about a mile or so. so it's really crazy. one more thing before we go. we got a juggler. we got a juggler back here. behind the juggler we finally found some 49er fans. i told you they were here. we'll have more on this scene in new orleans throughout the night here on ktvu. live in new orleans, ken wayne, ktvu channel 2 news. >> two of the four 49ers players that took part last year in a video that was meant to support gay teens who have been bullied said they didn't remember being in it. >> something you should never experience is being bullied, intimidated or pressured into being something or something you are not. >> they appeared in the video
5:35 pm
it gets better last year. when a reporter showed the pair the video on an iphone brooks said he thought it was against bullying in general. he indicated he didn't realize the video was aimed at gay teens. the federal rolled out sob ring numbers. the transportation department says 36% of car crash deaths are caused by drunk driving on the day of the big game. that's compared to 31% of drunk driving deaths the rest of the year. the agency also has launched an ad campaign called fans don't let fans drive drunk. we just brought you ken wayne a few minutes ago. mark ibanez about 30 minutes before that. they're part of our team in new orleans. they'll have live reports for you in every newscast leading up to super bowl sunday. then immediately following the super bowl, switch over to us. you'll see a live local post game show right here on ktvu channel 2. >> a livermore teacher accused
5:36 pm
of having sex with a student as entered a plea. 42-year-old marie johnson a former math teacher pleaded not guilty. prosecutors dropped 15 of the 24 charges she was facing. livermore police say johnson had a sexual relationship with a 14-year-old boy. she's being held on bail. she's set to return to court on february 14th to be arraigned. in san mateo, police have arrested five people on a variety of charges all growing out of an identity theft case. the investigation started when officers got a call of someone possibly using a fraudulent gift card. officers arrested the two after they found fake gift cards and 10 pounds of marijuana in their car. in a follow up involving the fbi and san jose police, investigators took the other three into custody on charges ranging from credit card counterfeiting and experience to possession of methamphetamine and weapons. >> today was the first day on
5:37 pm
san francisco's ban on public nudity. david stevenson live in the city. >> reporter: nudists told us they planned to get arrested to build a legal case against the ban. >> why are we wasting city resources on nude guys? >> reporter: the first day of san francisco's ban on public nudity sparked a lunchtime protest. about eight half or fully nude men or women faced off against ten police officers and a half dozen sheriffs deputies. >> right now you're in violation. i'm going to give you about 15 minutes to gather your things, put your clothes on so it's not. >> reporter: the ban prohibits the display of lower body genitalia. penalties include a $100 fine for the first offense with jail possible for repeated violations. >> we're hoping the people are
5:38 pm
mature enough, they understand this is a balance between visual rights and everybody else's concerns. >> we shouldn't be limiting rights. we should be expanding rights. >> reporter: a federal judge upheld the ban saying nudists must prove it stifles a political message. >> we're hoping to get arrested and get cited and get evidence of the fact that their free speech is being violated. then with that evidence we can submit our complaints. >> it's important for these freedoms to be recognized. >> reporter: officer began loading nudists into police vans. both sides expect more confrontations to come. >> it's an ordinance that the police must enforce. >> reporter: four people were cited and released. nudists say they hope to take their complaint about the ban to the ninth circuit court of appeals. david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. >> what a mess. what caused a massive flood at a new york subway station,
5:39 pm
disrupting the commute. >> and where is san francisco mayor ed lee going to watch the super bowl? a long time watering hole moves into its new home just in time for the big game. you can't move the tv there. yuh-huh. we have a wireless receiver. listen. back in my day, there was no u-verse wireless receiver that let you move the tv away from the tv outlet. we can move it to the kitchen, the patio, the closet and almost anywhere. why would you want a tv in the closet?
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in new york people waiting for the subway ran into this
5:42 pm
problem on their morning commute. officials say that a 36-inch water main burst just before 11:00 this morning right above a subway platform. that break is still disrupting subway service on several lines. new york city is mourning the death of former mayor ed koch. the three term mayor died today of congestive heart failure. he was 88 years old. koch was credited with reviving new york city's economy in the 1970s after a crushing financial crisis. current mayor called koch today new york's most tireless, fearless and guileless civil crusader. >> dell is reportedly in talks to go private. and if the deal goes through the company would be sold to a group led by its own founder and ceo and private equity firm. the sale could top $24 billion. analysts say becoming private would allow the company to make itself over as a one stop shop for corporate technology needs away from public scrutiny.
5:43 pm
it was a long time coming but right now in san francisco fans of the gold dust lounge are celebrating that famous bar reopens. >> to declare this gold dust lounge day here in san francisco. to the tune of an old time band and a mayoral proclamation it reopened in its new fisherman's wharf location. it moved there after a bitter fight with its landlord. the gold rush theme bar makes its comeback just in time for the 49ers return to the super bowl. mayor ed lee plans to stop by. >> you can see the crowds here. we love our traditional bars, taverns, restaurant. this is a wonderful time. >> the new gold dust lounge officially opens at 7 :00 tonight. >> a solemn remembrance today.
5:44 pm
how the columbia disaster changed the culture of nasa. >> high clouds moving in. which day on the weekend, saturday or sunday will be the warmest with the specific temperatures.
5:45 pm
5:46 pm
the space community today paused to remember the seven astronauts killed on the space shuttle columbia, including one from the bay area. john fowler has obtained some of the last video of them just
5:47 pm
before the shuttle exploded. >> reporter: at nasa's kennedy space center memorial a solemn remembrance and recommitment. >> ten years ago it would have been easy to pull back from the frontier of space and say it was too miskey to pursue. instead we rededicated ourselves to improving. >> booster ignition and liftoff. >> reporter: improving a flawed launcher and a flawed nasa culture that failed to prevent the tragedy. external tank foam broke off on its launch. this time damaging columbia's wing. we obtained this video of the crew during a fateful reentry. bay area astronaut in the back prep a former nasa official reportedly said even if engineer history confirmed fatal damage, no one would have told the crew, that it was better for astronauts to die unexpectedly rather than stay on orbit and run out of air.
5:48 pm
16 minutes before scheduled landing the orbiter ripped apart in a fire ball over texas. after redesign and a 29 month delay the next shuttle launch also had foam problems. another year, then flights resumed. >> we not only returned to flight, we established better policies, better procedures and worked to ensure this wasn't going to happen again. all because the legacy of this crew and their dedication to space exploration. >> reporter: the international space station as it flies today with the spirits of 24 astronauts who made the ultimate sacrifice. >> the death toll in the skyscraper blast this mexico city is rising. authorities say 32 people were killed when an explosion rocked the offices of mexico state oil company. more than 100 people were hurt. dozens were trapped in the rubble. rescue crews are searching for survivors.
5:49 pm
the blast happened in the basement of the building. officials don't know what caused the explosion. a ctvu review of federal records shows a massive number of phoney tax returns are being filed by mind already behind bars. nationwide 91,000 prisoners filed fake returns last year for a total of $35 million in illegal refunds. prisoners in california alone collected $3 million in undeserved refunds. >> multiply that over the course of time, you've got a huge amount of money going illegally to prisoners. the irs spending a lot of time trying to stop it and really not being able to in any significant way. >> the irs' own investigators say the agencies database of prisoners is either incomplete or enact yurt. >> bank of america customers weren't tube access their accounts this morning. the bank says it worked quickly to fix the problem. they say the outage did not
5:50 pm
affect b of a's atms. it's not known exactly what caused the problem and b of a isn't saying whether it was related to a cyber attack by a middle east hacker group. it disrupted service in september. federal regulators are taking new steps to protect the privacy of smart phone users. the federal trade commission has issued new relations for the mobile phone industry. they account a do not track mode to block gps technology. a requirement that users give permission before an app can access their location, and screen icons to show when a mobile device transmits a users personal information. >> there is a wide degree of data collection and data sharing that's going on. generally consumers are not aware. >> the government also announced a settlement with the san francisco maker of a networking app. we'll have that story at 6.
5:51 pm
>> a developerments to build a large solar power plant. columbia solar energy is proposing to build the facility on land once used for land fill. it would meet the annual energy needs of about 6000 single family homes. the planning commission is expected to considerate plant on february 26th. >> here it is, the end of january, the beginning of february and 70-degree temperatures in some spots? >> 71-degrees in parts of the bay area. slightly cooler tomorrow. the weekend is going to be nice. it's not going to be wet and cool. just not as warm as today. today ends up being the warmest day of the week with low 70s showing up. we have a couple things going on. this one here, seat clouds coming up? they'll filter the sunshine tomorrow. here's a weather system out here. the energy is being split apart in a big way. but it moves down the coast and will keep the clouds coming our way. that's the cloud.
5:52 pm
what you don't see here is you don't see the fog. you see it there. it's getting a little southerly right there. you're seeing fog working its way up the coast. as that fog works its way up the coast. it's coastal fog. that is the other mechanism for cooling. high clouds filter the sun, lose the compression of the high pressure. we get coastal fog. temperatures go from today to tomorrow. it's knot the end of the world; right? still above average. san francisco down to 61. it looks as though we're going to see a few degrees of cooling. sunday right now looks as though it'll be the best day on your weekend. temperatures in the low 60s. a neat day. saturday will have that high cloud stuff. extended forecast calls for clouds filtering in and out. what it does, instead of translating through. it drops down and digs and works its way down here.
5:53 pm
that's where the die namics are. it spins these high clouds. that's why we'll see filtered sunshine. the flow around this low does this. there will be less clouds on sunday than saturday. all we got to talk about. talked about it last night as well. the forecast model brings the clouds up. tomorrow in the evening, keeps them right on the edge. north bay will see more sunshine. watch what sunday does. watch this, kind of goes away. that's why i think sunday will be the nicest day in terms of more sunshine. forecast highs tomorrow. 62 in brentwood. 64 in santa rosa. still heck of nice, but just not crazy nice like today. 71, 68, these numbers are unheard of. just, it's warm. five day forecast for the weekend. there you have it. there's no rain showing up there. a couple days beyond wednesday there's a chance for showers. we need rain. over 100% of average or just below that now. we can't go a month with the third driest january in san francisco history. >> we see you getting nervous
5:54 pm
as the dagos on. >> i like to see rain in here. thank you, bill. >> hitching a ride. the use of a helicopter in northern california and why it's raising eyebrows. >> look but don't touch. the change coming to a bay area beach to protect a certain bird. some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof! some things will.
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof! some things will. authorities are looking into the apparent unauthorized
5:57 pm
use of a department of justice helicopter at a high school football game. this happened last november at an oak ridge high school game near sacramento. a doj agent climbed out of the helicopter and dropped a football on to the field. there are reports the agent's son was one of the players on the field. coming up on monday on ktvu channel 2 news at 5, we'll tell you how much this football drop cost california taxpayers. >> the town of los gatos is planning to remove a number of so-called love locks. couples have attached these log locks on the fencing as a symbol of their love. but the town says the locks are a potential safety a czar and a visual distraction for drivers on the highway below. the museum of los gatos says it's building an exhibit where people will be able to attach their locks. >> surfers, dog walkers and beach goers will have to give up some of the space for the
5:58 pm
threaten western snowy plover bird. the dez i guess international airported area, no fireworks, frisbees, ball throwing, kites or ball throwing. the beach is usually very busy. >> i don't ever see dogs chasing after birds or that birds are in danger or nervous or have anxiety or whatever. so no. >> i know years ago they did have a portion blocked off for the bird. and it seemed to work out okay. >> rules will be established before the new restrictions take affect. >> the harbaugh brothers face off before the press. coming up in 2 minutes, back live to new orleans for the lathest on sunday's har-bowl. >> a first of its fine.
5:59 pm
the special privileges the city is granting to undocumented immigrants.

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